Exchange/Refund Policy

How Do I Replace or return the product you purchased?

We are pleased at the Hague to mark the policy of replacement or return is free within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased, please follow the following steps to make the process of return:

* Go to "return request" at the bottom of the home page

* fill all required data

* Press the "Send"

* we will reconsider the request rewind and communicate with you during the two days of action

what are the conditions for the return of the product?

* To return the product within 7 days of the date of those who accuse you request.

* The Product must be in good condition, not used to label the brand.

I had not been satisfied with the plaintiff, can i get a refund?

Unfortunately could not, require our policy not to return any of the amounts paid by the customer using any of the means of payment when purchasing on the site. Where we offer our clients service to recover the amounts paid through the balance of the Hi Mark, we also allow you to replace the products that you have purchased for free, let us do we expenses to return the product to add to your balance high mark the same value of the Product that the guerrilla. This method allows you to purchase another product of the same value.

What is the balance of high mark the

balance of high mark is a المسترجعه values amounts by the customer, where are added shall be credited to your account in order to be able to buy another product at any time.

For example, if you paid $200 r. q to buy a product, it will add to the balance of your high mark equivalent to 200 r. q as soon as the returned product. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that $32 r. q - freight charges and

18 r. q when payment on delivery fee is not included in the balance, where that this amount be payroll deductions by the shipping company.

Km takes a period of currency amount retrieved to balance high mark?

The sooner you inform us explore the commencement of the replacement, the sooner the better! The Shipping Company representative will come to your doorstep at a time that's convenient for you. Most of the returns take place during the two days of work. After delivery of the product to the representative of the shipping company, we will return the amount credited to your account.