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Privacy Policy How to explain the collection and use of your personal data (under certain circumstances). It also recalls the procedures to ensure the privacy of your information. Finally, the policy options available to you regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal data. It is during your visit to the site directly or through another site, you agree to the applications detailed in this policy.

The protection of your data is very important for us. Therefore, it will not use your name and other information about you in accordance with the grammar set forth in the privacy policy. We will collect the information when necessary or if necessary directly relevant to بمعاملاتنا with you.

We will keep your data if requested to do so by law or for the purposes for which they were collected.

You can browse the site without the need to provide any personal data. Personal identity remains unknown in good condition throughout your visit to the site and not be detected only if you have an account electronically on the site implemented by user name and password.